Water Damage Recovery & Restoration Appleton

water damage appletonWater damage as a result of burst pipes or flooding is potentially one of the most hazardous problems that most homeowners face today. This is despite the fact that most homeowners commonly ignore this serious challenge that pose unforeseen danger if not taken care of immediately. For starters, excess water in your home can lead to electrical hazards, contamination and possible destruction to your home and furnishings. If  to contain the problem are not taken, then the level of destruction in and out of the house is unimaginable.

Causes of Water Damage

  • A leaking roof.
  • Plumbing leaks.
  • Clogged toilet.
  • Moisture behind walls.
  • Foundation cracks.
  • Brocken/burst pipes and hoses.

Handling flood damage in Appleton can be a tedious task which can easily spiral out of control if not attended to. To make the matters worse, you will be left dealing with serious mold issues leave alone the destruction of property at your home. If water is leaking from a burst pipe whether inside or outside the house, make sure that you call a professional water removal and damage repair services. There are many services available locally that can assist you in time before the damage has already been done. When choosing a good service, check on how fast they respond because you are likely to encounter the same problem in future. If the response is quick enough to prevent further damage to your property, then you will probably want to consider the same service in future. If you are unsure about your choice, you can ask for referrals from friends or neighbors who have encountered similar problems in the past. How first you respond to disaster issues can save your furnishings that you have invested a lot in from ruin.

Our Process

While most people are not aware of some of the causes of damage, it is important to at least understand the source of the leakage, be it a burst pipe or flooding. Depending on the extent of the damage, the priority becomes salvaging the situation before any further damage can occur. Getting water out of your residence depends on the source of spillage which is why sources such as flooding require specialized tools for the job. Different services have specialized extractors that drain water from your home to tanks mounted on their vans. After the water has been sucked out, the next process involves identifying the source and carrying out repairs. Specialized water meters are used to establish just how much water is in the house and to figure out the source. Assuming that the source was a burst pipe, the likely source will be the area that is wettest. Some services have fans that are strategically placed around the house to dry the damp areas.

Insurance Claims

Homeowners are advised to take insurance cover against pipe bursts and the ensuing damage that occur in most homes. The most important thing is to understanding the coverage and the specific policy by insurance agents. There are certain policies that require homeowners to maintain specific temperature within their home so as to reduce cases of pipe bursts. Most pipe bursts occur as a result of freezing temperatures. During such time, water inside the pipes freeze and eventually expands causing the pipe to bursts. If you are not inside the house to notice such bursts, serious damage can occur in your house. Failure to maintain such temperature can lead to your claim being denied by the insurer. It is important for you to maintain routine maintenance in and outside the house in order to prevent water damage.


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