Water Damage Tips

If water gets into unwanted places then it can cause lot of damage. Not only can it ruin your prized possessions but it also ruins the place where it is been stored. You can minimize the damage and can possibly save some of the possessions if you are being able to act quickly. If water gets in to your place then you can manage to save your furniture or carpets but you will not be able to do much to save your electronic items because it are probably doomed when it are been hit by water.

You should not treat the flood water lightly if it gets in to the unwanted places, even if the basement of your place has only an inch of water or it is just damp because if it is slightly damp then it is the perfect breeding ground for the molds. The growth of molds not only ruins the furniture, walls, flooring, carpets and others but it also lead to poor indoor air quality which then cause respiratory problems that include asthma and it can also lead to severe illness. To prevent the growth of molds, you should first keep the air healthy and clean. Here are some water damage cleanup tips that you should follow in order to avoid damage.

Water Damage Cleanup Tips

1. First, you should disconnect the power and should unplug all the electronic items and remove the electronic items, furniture and other movable items quickly. You are more likely to save your possessions, the faster you get the items from the way of water. You should turn off the power that leads in to the affected area, especially if the water rises above the electrical outlets. You should pull up all of the carpets and under padding.

2. Next, you should try to get rid of water. There are many ways to get rid of water. If you do not have the power or if you are worried about the loose wires then the old-fashioned, manual way will work for you. You should use buckets, mops and towels to soak up as much water as possible. You can pour the water down the drain, as long as the sewers in the neighborhood are not backed up. Otherwise, you should pour the water in to the lawn or any other permeable surface. You can also use a dry or wet vacuum to clear up the water but you should be very careful to plug it in to the outlets that are far away from the water. You should do not do the mistake of using an extension cord as it can cause shock because electricity and water does not mix up.

3. Next step for you to do is to dry out the affected area. You should use a dehumidifier and fans to dry out the area. If the water has stopped pouring then you should open up the windows for the circulation of air and faster drying. If there is a finished basement at your place and the drywall is affected then you should cut away the areas that were touched by the water because there is maximum chance for the molds to grow here.

4. After the entire area is been dried out, including the insulation, wood beams, drywall and other parts of the house, the next thing which you should do is to use a good disinfectant in order to get rid of any bacteria which might have come up through toilets, sewers and other such parts. You should disinfect all the areas that are affected by the water which include wood and non-upholstered furniture and walls that got wet.

5. After disinfecting the areas and your possessions, you should now let the area to dry out thoroughly. You should apply Concrobium throughout the affected parts according to the directions given in the pack. Concrobium is a non-toxic material that is been made with inorganic salts and distilled water. It can be used on floors, furniture, walls and basically on anything that are susceptible to molds. Once it is been applied, you should let it to dry overnight. Once it is dried up, it forms a thin layer over the molds that are growing and it crushes the roots of the spores. Once it is been sprayed, it prevent the molds from growing.

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